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As a professional valve manufacturer, we can supply the flowing valve products: Material: Cast lron, Cast Steel ,Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass Alloy And Other Special Alloy Material Valves: Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve ,Ball Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Plug Valve, Safety Valve And Pressure Reducing Valve etc. Valve Actuators: Electromagnetic, Hydraulic ,Worm gear, Pneumatic And Electronic etc.
SINER is composed of factories,sales offices and agents all the world.
Product Size:1/4*-8* Rating:125-4500LB
SINER's valve products have been widdly user\d in petrochemical, gas electric station, food and beverages, papermaking and water treatment etc. The quality and utility of its valve products have been proved. All product categories:
gate valves, globe valves, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves and steam trap,needle valve butterfly valves series, sw14/s14s weld end , kniff gate valves  are available in both the In-Line and Cartridge styles.
Siner also designs and manufactures integrated manifolds utilizing our own Cartridge products as well as cartridge valves in the marketplace, depending on your specific requirements.
Always keep in mind that should you not find the exact product you desire in our online catalog, we can modify existing products or design new products to meet your application requirements.

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